Al Brown's Guide Service Fishing Report

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Shad &Trout in July

The Shad fishing is Great . Have been out many times in the past few weeks hooking a lot of Shad on chartreuse green grubs with a 1/8 pink jig head. I have been fishing from my boat anchored 25 feet from the bank casting into shady areas and eddies. You will donate a few grubs to the trees when you are casting in to the right places . The shad size is about 1 lbs. To 4 lbs. but they all fight like 15 lbs. speedsters.
The Wild Rainbow Trout fishing is Fantastic .The warm weather has the bugs hatching out all day long keeping the Trout on the bite from sun up till sun down. Have been using cadis fly’s , may fly nymphs, glow bugs or side drifting crickets and pulling plugs with great success. Trout are very acrobatic when hooked in shallow water ,jumping many times. To see where you are . Be careful in the heat and drink a lot of water.
Go fishing and have fun !! That’s what it is all about.
Al Brown