Al Brown's Guide Service Fishing Report

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Salmon Fishing New & Old ,Steelhead & Trout

The Sacramento River has Salmon in it from Redding to the bay find the fish and get your bait in front of them and you might get bit bouncing roe or pulling plugs. The Salmon fishing never seamed to go in to high gear this year. Salmon we are seeing now are new arrivals fresh fish to belly up floaters. Salmon runs are moving through fast 1day a lot of fish next day not. As long as the weather holds good we will be able to go Salmon fishing and Steelhead fishing or Trout fishing . Steelhead fishing has been Great this year many large fish taken the same can be said for the Trout fishing. Fly’s ,Plugs or Bait will all work .

Good Luck
Big Game Fishing Go For It.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Early Oct. Salmon

Salmon Fishing Hooked up

The Salmon fishing the past two weeks has been great bouncing roe or pulling plug. The Salmon are getting boat shy sneak upon your fish. A lot of big bright Salmon were jumping two days ago we didn’t see as many to day. There are more on the way.
Al Brown