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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dec. 2015 Steelhead fishing

Sacramento River Steelhead fishing has been good the past month. The last Salmon fishing trip of the season was great the weather was perfect and the river was in good shape but the Salmon didn’t want to bite but the Steehead were willing. We landed 6 Steehead that were about 20 inches long and a couple squaw fish that were 26 inches long. The Trout and Steelhead fishing is good year round on the Sac. River. The river can be to high and muddy at times in the winter with a lot of rain but since I fish the top end of the Sac. River. This section will clear up in a couple days after a big rain storm and we will be back out there catching fish. What are they biting on. Fly’s, Plugs or Bugs. We practice catch and release on the Sacramento River. A camera is a must have on every trip.
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