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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall Salmon 2013

Sacramento River Salmon fishing is getting better every day. On Wed. we hooked 4 Kings and landed 2 of them then, on Fri. John, George and Don  hooked 7 Kings and landed 5 of them # 6 was lost right at the side of the boat. I have only seen 2 fish in my life do a backwards roll and come right off the hook, bummer. Boondoggling roe has been working for me .
The limit for Salmon is two fish. The Sac. River Salmon traveled 200 miles to get here they have used up most of there fat stored  energy to do that. When you catch one and fight it to the net the Salmon will use up the rest of it’s energy. Catch and release Salmon fishing is VERY BAD 90 % of the Salmon turned back will DIE. They don’t have enough strength left to swim and breath to make it on up river to Spawn. Catch you’re two fish and go home then some one else can have your spot so they can get their two fish and go home. Thank you 
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